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Our clients say Bravo!

You are soooo responsive. Thanks for conducting your business with integrity.

— Dr. Stark

I got a quick look/listen. It looks great as always. Thanks so much!

— Werner

Thank you so much. You guys are terrific!

— Rhonda 4/15/2010

Thanks for all your hard work. You've done a great job!

— Heather W.


— Amy

Website always loads super fast.

— Steven

Can I first say that I have worked with far too many Drupal sites that just were not set up at all for SEO. And all of these .experts. in drupal could not come up with a logical way to deal with site titles. I actually had gotten to the point where I refused to work with Drupal. And then I logged into Bobs site. It is so easy to work, looks and acts like a CMS should. You have changed my mind about Drupal. Nice job!

— Eileen 6/2013

After launching the site 3 times that it didn't work (last web company) I was very, very nervous about launching and having problems. But, you guys have been great and very responsive in fixing any issues that have come up. I referred you to 2 other companies that I hope will call you regarding their sites. And I will continue to refer you any opportunity I get.

— Rhonda 9/15/2009

I just called to say thank you. I've been getting some calls so it looks like the website is working. One project pays for the site. Just wanted to say thanks and good job.

— William 10/9/2009

Oh my gosh, it looks so good! way to go!

— Alisha 10/2011

It's looking really really good!!

— Patty 3/8/10

PS. BTW, what an awesome job you have done. You exceeded our expectations and I for one am very, very proud of our new website!

— Tina Sanders 9/9/2010

I wanted to thank you for such an excellent job... I'm so proud of it :) You and your staff really went the extra mile for me... I just had to let you know how pleased I am.

— Vickie

Working with Bravo Web has been an excellent experience. They were quick to respond when we had questions or needed to make changes to our design, making our web building project a quick and easy process. We couldn't be happier with the true-to-design look and functionality they provided to the Rootstalk Festival website!

— Erin 3/2011

This site is looking amazing! Thanks so much for all your help, we are really impressed!

— Thomas 2/2011

Absolutely stunning. You continue to impress me.

— Lisa

The site looks fabulous! We love it! Great job on those changes!

— Cindy W 11/20/2009

I like your work!! It made me breathe easier :) No really, I sighed with relief.

— Shelby 5/11/2010

It looks amazing!!!! I love it!!!! I'll share it with the girls so they can give it a test run. Thanks for EVERYTHING, Bravo!

— Lindsey 1/14/10

I always receive a very professional and timely response to my needs. I have recommended Bravo Web to many people and will continue to do so as I know they all have the same experience as I do consistently. My clients thank me for recommending Bravo Web Solutions.

— Robbyne

WOW! Very nice, great job. Awesome on the logo too!

— Tracy

Thank you for all your help with the site- it is everything I had hoped for and more.

— Vic 10/5/2010


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