Business-Specific SEO and Web Design

At Bravo Web, we understand that your needs often go beyond just getting a virtual representation of your name on the web. The website you envision can be a valuable resource for your business, utilizing the internet to synchronize quickbooks, data collection web forms, and customer registration. As a Portland-based web design and SEO company, we specialize in creating business-specific solutions for a variety of businesses.

Here are a few of the areas we in which we specialize:

  • fix the not secure chrome message
  • Why does my website say not secure?

    If your website collects information from visitors like passwords or payment information then you'll want to pay attention to Google's recent Jan 2017 update on their Chrome browser version 56.  It's all about security and making their Googlers feel safe.  Since Chrome is the most prevalent browser, it's important to pay attention to this, and in this article is a link showing you how to fix it if it's happening on your site.


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    We're a web development company having over 15 years experience in custom website development, maintenance, e-commerce, and SEO.